Roof Cleaning

REFRESH - Roof after 1 rain - CopyDid you know you can and should clean your roof?

Algae often causes black stains and streaks on roof surfaces and green stains on other building exterior surfaces such as siding. Some types of building stains or discoloration are only cosmetic in nature, while others may indicate growths that are likely to reduce the life of the material such as roofing, siding or trim. Other organic composition containing mold, moss and lichen also adhere to your home’s exterior surfaces and actually grows roots. Lichens are not the same growths as moss or algae and can be difficult to remove. Moss tends to hold more water and moisture on the roof surface. These micro organisms thrive on warm, moist, dark conditions. Black mold grows on leaves and other roof debris that has fallen from trees overhead.

Refresh Exterior Cleaning Services cleans your roof using a proprietary mix of cleaners and detergents along with the soft wash system to aid in their removal and temporary new growth. The spores and allergens from the mold, algae and mildew are neutralized as well. When we clean your roof, you will see an immediate improvement but the best results are achieved after a few hard rains. Our cleaners are applied in a thick layer that adhere to the surface of the roof and work with the sun to loosen and lift the micro organisms. They are gently washed off as they soften and naturally lift from your shingles.

Shortly after your roof is cleaned you may notice ‘suds’ coming from your downspouts after it rains. No cause for alarm as our cleaners are just being washed away as the cleaning process continues. These ‘suds’ are harmless and biodegradable. A clean streak free roof also adds to the value and curb appeal of your home. Pulling into your driveway to a freshly cleaned house and sparkling clean roof is sure to bring a sense of satisfaction and a smile to your face every time!